We create relevant visibility for the customers that are seeking your companys web-site through our specialties and competence. We offer different solutions based on needs - All done with an ethical starting point, with nothing to hide.

We have got the key-word.

If your nice product or message need more focus?!

- the golden key is the help you need.

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Marketing on the Internet.

The number of users and buyers on the Internet are rapidly growing, and because of that online marketing is an area in an eksplosive and rapid growth.

We offer among other things a quality analysis of your company web-site, which shows you whether or not it is optimized, and solutions to improvement.

The possibilities of online marketing are many. If we look at the sums of money being spend on advertises in newspapers, TV, radio etc. it is absolutely worth to think twice about whether or not the company should spend just a little bit of their marketing-budget on online marketing.

The importance of search-engines.

For many company-owners it is frightening how important searchengines are, when it comes to attracting new customers, but the time we live in and the future decides that these are the terms, and there is no way around it.

The companies has to make an effort in order to get their web-site well ranked in a search-result. One of the most cost-effective methods of marketing on the net are search-engine-optimization.

SEO - a good investment.

A good news is that search-engine-optimization only accounts for a relative modest investment in the light of how much it can increase the benefit of the company web-site, by a more widespread knowledge to the company, more orders and a better image.

Your potential customers doesnt find your company web-site by doing a search on the company-name, they are more likely to make a search on the Internet on the articles or services that your line of business provides. In other words they are using the keywords or phrases tied to the line of business your company are in.

That's the reason why your web-site needs to contain these relevant keywords, and they has to be placed correctly on the web-site, in order for the search-engines to read and understand them!.

Criteria of succes.

More traffic - more sales - with targeted marketing.

The price for a search-engine-optimization depends on a range of different factors, among others the competition in your business, the web-site structure and content and so forth.

There are no garantee that your companys web-site can get a top-ranking in the searchresults on the search-engines.

It very much depends on the companys line of business, how long have your web-site been online on the Internet, and the competition on top-rankings on your relevant business keywords.

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